What is Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 Products

It is basically a marque for group of software that enables users to have vast reach in many aspects in our ICT world. It contains productive software for the consumers who subscribe to It.

It allows the user to use the software either for business purposes or any online related service.

The common question that the general public have about the package is how did it come into existence and how is it worthwhile? to answer that basic question we would need to go over the facts entirely.

As it is commonly seen that office 365 is a product of Microsoft, they first began their beta test at October 2010 to test the improvement that they made for the Microsoft Office apps which was an astounding success, but their aim was at a higher scale to make more of the business related work into an online based network which led to the release of office 365 on June 28, 2011 by the help of Microsoft successor Microsoft business productivity online suit (MSBPOS).


The office 365 packs some of the following software:

Microsoft Office: – Enables the users to produce large number of documents that are mostly used by either businesses or by a student.

Microsoft Cloud Storage: – Allows the user to store their data completely online saving valuable space in their computer and it is easily accessed too.

Office online: – It used to be known as online web apps where users could effectively use Microsoft office completely online with a light web browser.

Aside from the above mentioned software it’s a very easy way to produce work related documents rather than writing it down with a pen or pencil.


Before its release there were strong arguments about why office 365 is a right choice, here are some reasons why it might be so.

It is fairy cost efficient compared to its predecessors costing around 4$ a month. This remarkable price tag will attract a lot of small businesses who can get access to Exchange, share point and Lync, however large businesses mostly take advantage of Active directory integration which they can easily do so in 8$ a month.

It has a strikingly vast IT Infrastructure which will enable user friendly interface that allows the user to maintain and update their software every month themselves.
Thanks to Microsoft because they take care of all the dirty work and provide the system user to be able to update at ease as it mostly happens in the back yard of our OS.

It has easy accessibility to word producing documents as well as other online features that it comes with. It’s not only available for Pc it’s also available for devices such as android, apple and other tablets and smartphones.

Draw backs

As with every decision in life the office 365 comes with its fair share of cons.

As it’s known that office 365 is completely online based interface and its preferable for people with internet connection, any type of slow internet connection or not having an internet connection then the user cannot access their files, so therefore it’s not the best option for non-internet users.

In contrary, it’s not a major issue as nowadays everyone is gaining access to the world of internet so it’s fairly something to take lightly.


In conclusion, Office 365 is a good choice for people who want to keep their work quick, precise and up to date and its impressive user friendly interface will make the job even easier and worthwhile. The software that it packages meets every work related user’s requirements and has the basic building block for word processing and the birth of online document storage.

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