Liquid Hydraulics – Cloud Solution

Liquid Hydraulics Case Studies

The Situation:

Liquid hydraulics wanted a simple solution to their trivial but unmanaged concerns. They wanted a trendy online website companied by a cloud backup solution as being a company which values data as their topmost priority needs means to support that argument.

The Solution:

Krazy IT took the challenge and started making progress right from the beginning as cloud computing was one of their strongest suit. They took a versatile and step by step approach which focused primarily on data backup. In order to achieve this, a flowchart of possible installations was required to have been laid out on pen and paper before the actual tasks began. They started off by building a new NAS storage exclusively for acting as the primary backup source while utilizing the existing NAS storage for a second back up copy. Also setting up a cloud based backup solution as offsite backup strategy, all the pieces were now set on the board.

The Results:

Liquid Hydraulics now operate from a distinctive and trendy offsite which displays the work they do in sensible fashion but that’s just the icing on the cake, the prime factor to focus on became the new backup solution package provided by the Krazy IT engineers to ensure that their precious data were intact and untouched with extreme integrity.

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