Giant Geeks – Website

The Situation:

Being the sister company of one of our major clients Geeks Sydney, the folks over at Giant Geeks wanted something similar in terms of operations and functionality, while demanding an attractive and eye catching website in terms of design. Our engineers at Krazy IT sat with them and noted out their different approach on the website before setting out to build the site itself.

The Solution:

Keeping the design as the top most priority after functionality and operations, we played with various color palettes and patterns in hopes of creating some magic which will not just be visually attractive, but be simple and showcase the beauty of the website without being in shambles. Installing easy to use and beautiful sliders and making the website extremely responsive due to its light nature has made it even more appealing than originally intended.

The Results:

Giant Geeks were very happy to receive this new upgrade and praised the craftsmanship of the Krazy IT developers. With a fast and customer convenient website and breathtaking design hand in hand, Giant Geeks have set out to capture the market of the IT e-commerce businesses online and fair well to this day due to the massive responses they get online through the website alone.

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