Geeks Sydney – Website & Apps

The Situation:

Geeks Sydney is your local computer repairs shop established in late 2016 which mainly specializes on being very efficient at any of the general public’s issues regarding technology while also being very cheap and upfront about it. A company which mainly involves dealing with clients online is bound to have a very rich and dynamic interface full of eye catching content highlighting their services and strengths for the client’s convenience at operating and browsing through their website and mobile apps. Their IT infrastructure construction was the work of Krazy IT and as with any prospering company heavily relying on their online website and mobile applications, Geeks Sydney were no different on demanding a very responsive and rich content for all the platforms from the Krazy IT engineers.

The Solution:

The peeps at Krazy IT made sure to build the website in such a way so that it not only became complete having a wide variety of different pages detailing each and every service, but also being extremely responsive and customer friendly. With SEO acting as a major factor in this endeavor, the geeks Sydney website also got outfitted with various groundbreaking tools such as a customer feedback generator and content manager which helped them propel forward and satisfied their aim to have a very reliable website acting as the center of their business hub. They put extra effort in making sure the iOS and Android apps were developed just as beautifully and efficiently for seamless and fast interactions between the clients and the host no matter what the platform of use was.

The Results:

Now Geeks Sydney gets almost all of their clients online and with a fast and responsive website which details every single bit of the potential of the geek engineers as well a simple and interactive iOS and Android mobile app showcasing their skillsets and plans for solving different sorts of technological concerns, the applications really have been acting as their front liner to this day.

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