Ergo Wines – Website

The Situation:

Ergo Wines enjoys searching out wines that offer the restaurateur or retailer great quality and value. Our aim is that the end consumer is both satisfied and captivated by their choice. They are a wholesale distributor providing some of the best wines from regions in France, Argentina, and Australia to restaurants, wine bars and fine wine retailers.
They were not active IT infrastructure wise and not too long ago their small bumps piled up to be a major hindrance. They were getting by using POP3 email as the main source of communication resulting in many of their important emails to be lost in spam. They were also in need of a website which could showcase the importance of wine to the western market and not look shabby while doing it. Class and an artistic looking website were just the thing they needed to make this happen.

The Solution:

Soon after, Ergo Wines stumbled upon Krazy IT and to their relief, Krazy IT had the exact solutions they were looking for. Some of the challenges included the domain migration and website pointing since a cloud based initiative was being taken but nonetheless, Krazy IT’s engineers prevailed through the use of Microsoft online exchange email. In addition to that, our developers worked some wonders in creating a beautiful, fast and easily updatable website which would allow the owners to change the stocks or price easily without the dependence of any third party interference. Not only that, Krazy IT ensured that their business runs as smooth as possible by hosting MyOB accounting solutions which synchronize perfectly with their back office, allowing flexibility even when the pressure of data mass gets overwhelming.

The Results:

Ergo wines now only receive important emails, although the number of emails have decreased, they no longer encounter spams and are operating in a spam free and state of the art email system which has drastically resulted in the increase of Ergo Wines’ productivity and attracting more customers than ever before with their artistic looking website and MyOB accounting solutions.

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